Starter cover "cafe racer look" with oil collector

Starter cover cafe racer look with oil collector
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Products description

For all 2V models since /7

This hood is ideally used for conversions, when the airbox is supposed to be deinstalled.
It provides a sporty and open look.
Made of cast-aluminium, the surfaces are really close to the engine parts.
The hood comes without any drill holes and may be designed freely therefore,
regarding to location of fuel pipes, cables and engine ventilation etc.
The oil mist of the blow-off valve is collected by the oil reservoir.
Concerning assembly, no changes of the engine or gearbox have to be made.
The oil reservoir comes with an oil gauge display and a vent.
The original tube may be used as a connector to the reservoir, only with some engine versions and positions of the blow-off valve.

Using this particular hood there is no recirculation of the oil mist into the carburettors.
The oil mist is collected in a small reservoir.This one fits to the gearbox, no changes need to be made.
The installation is made by using the original tube of the blow off-valve.The fittings for the tube and filter are premounted.A little adjustment may be made by utilizing a 17mm open wrench,only if the bolting doesn´t fit perfectly.
The thread is conical,so please do NOT screw out all the way!
The overpressure is drained through the filter.Rests of oil and water are collected in the reservoir.The premounted oil display shows the content of the container.
Please check and empty the reservoir,regularly!

This product is compatible with:

Starter cover cafe racer look

Fits all models from /7.

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