Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer
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High torque engine after 1981 with 1070cc Nikasil cylinders, light sport pistons (only 428 g) and lightweight conrods (450 g; 151mm).
Compression ratio over 10.5:1 of your own choice, a sport camshaft aligned of the intended use, an approx. 1000 g lighter und balancend crankshaft, as well as overhauled cylinder heads with second spark plug hole/thread for dual ignition will arise to an agile, high power engine!!

  • Dismantling the engine
  • Cleaning and bead blasting of casings
  • Replace valve guides
  • Replace valves
  • Measuring the volume of the combustion chambers and increase
  • compression matched by skimming the heads
  • Install valves
  • Install second spark plug hole/thread
  • Replace big end and main bearings
  • Crankshaft weight reduction (approx. 1000 g) and balancing
  • Fit crankshaft
  • Install unleaded exhaust valve seats
  • 4 Valve guides, valves & springs
  • 2 1070cc Nicasilcylinders, light sport pistons
  • 2 Main bearing
  • 1 Ball bearing 16007
  • 2 Thrust washers for crank
  • 4 Connecting rod bearing
  • 2 lightweight conrods (450 g; 151 mm)
  • 2 Oil pump rotor (inner & outer)
  • 1 Timing chain & tensioner
  • 1 Crankshaft sprocket
  • 1 Sport camshaft aligned of the intended use
  • 1 Gasket set with O-rings and oil filter
Please remove oil, clutch and electrics before delivering engine.

How does your engine get to us?

Option A:

Make an appointment, bring your engine and we can discuss your requirements over a cup of coffee. After the agreed tasks have been completed you come to collect your engine from our workshop. We accept cash and a number of cards - please discuss payment methods with us prior to arrival.

Option B:

Discuss your requirements over the phone and we will forward you a suitable shipping frame for your engine (please remove oil beforehand). We will then have the framed engine collected from you home. Please include a detailed written list of your requirements. You will then receive a receipt from us detailing the jobs to be completed as well as an estimated time of completion. Payment is required before the engine is returned after the work has been completed. The costs of shipping should be discussed with us. Shipping of an engine within Germany costs around € 85,00 one way (April 2007)).

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